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  • LAMP IN TERREN (ランプ・イン・テレン)
  • The name is derived from terra in Latin, which means “the world”, or “the Earth”, signifying their aspiration to be “the light of the world
  • 4 members: Daiki Kawaguchi (Drums), Kenji Nakahara (Bass), Hiroshi Matsumoto (Vocals & Guitar), Shintaro Oya (Guitar)
  • Started as a high school band with only 3 members, it later grew into a four-man act
  • Record Label: A-Sketch
  • Albums: silver lining (major debut album), Life Probe, fantasia
  • Popular Songs: void, innocence, pellucid
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It is said in many ancient traditions that one who has tasted the sweetness of love will naturally gravitate towards expressing...
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