• Title: Now, We (지금, 우리)
  • Artist: Lovelyz
  • Runtime: 3:19   Language: Korean
  • Date: May 7, 2017

Having the person you love reciprocate your feelings can often seem like a dream, at first. That’s exactly what Lovelyz is singing about in their new song, Now, We, and the music is composed by OnePiece, it’s definitely a song we can relate to.

The lyrics narrate the feeling of surprise, the surreal haze that surrounds us when we’ve been told the words “I love you”. Lovelyz describes the way everything can initially appear to be a completely unbelievable fantasy. Slowly, little moments start to fall into place as you realize the person you love is showing that same kind of love towards you. It begins to feel real.

In the music video, the girls of Lovelyz are seen in a house that is reminiscent of a fancy dollhouse, hinting at the dreamlike state they’re in. Some of them are seen waking up in a bed, looking unsure and uncertain of what is happening around them. Throughout the video, they’re seen moving closer, but remaining hesitant towards a boy. In the end, as fireworks go off, they take the brave leap to finally hold his hand.

"Now, We" comes from Lovelyz’s new album with same name, which is a repackaged version of their earlier album release, "R U Ready?". In addition to the song "Now, We", another song "Aya" is included in this new version of the album.

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