• Title: Refrain (リフレイン)
  • Artist: Luck Life
  • Runtime: 3:38   Language: Japanese
  • Date: September 2, 2017

"Refrain" is the title track of the latest single by Luck Life, and it is also the ending theme for the anime series "Saiyuki Reload Blast" (最遊記Reload Blast). Composed and Written by Pon, "Refrain" is about standing one's ground in the face of a future full of difficulties and irritations, and looking ahead towards the goal at the end of the road even when it isn't clear how far off it is or even exactly what it is. The goal referred to may be the goals of human society, or perhaps one's own life goals...perhaps both.

The video for "Refrain" features a visual representation of the act of trying to perceive one's future -- a blindfolded woman who stands reading a book, surrounded by nothing but countless other books. Though she can't see the books she is looking at, she turns the pages, laughs, and smiles as though the words are all visible to her; mirroring the lyrics' description of putting on a brave and cheery countenance but being faced with many uncertainties. As the video ends, the woman removes her blindfold; an action whose meaning is open to interpretation by the viewer.

Luck Life's 2017-2018 ~Change The World TOUR~ begins towards the end of November 2017, and continues until late January 2018. The tour features stops in areas all throughout Japan.

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