• Title: Answer
  • Artist: MAGIC OF LiFE
  • Runtime: 3:54   Language: Japanese
  • Date: August 27, 2017

Answer is the lead track for MAGIC OF LiFE’s upcoming album called “Niemyer” which will come out on September 6th. Answer was written by the vocalist / guitarist of the group Nobuyuki Takatsuto.

Answer is a pop song which talks about love from the point of veiw of a young student. This kind of love is fresh and a bit naive, but it always leave you with a positive feeling. This song will remind you the memories back in your school years. Even the lyrics of the song are connected with school, the song starts with the word X and O; In Japanese schools X is used by teacher to say that something is not correct, and O is used to point out that something is correct. The video starts in a classroom with students, between them and in the whole video there’s a black and blue line that connect everyone and every scene. Perhaps It seems that is an invitation for following a path because you will find your answer at the end of it.

At the end of the video the whole group perform the song in the school yard and in front them there’s an “X”, in the final scene the camera moves to an angle where the “X” is actually an “A” which represents answer.

MAGIC OF LiFE’s one-man tour will start on September 24th at CLUB QUATTRO in Shibuya, Tokyo. They will also have in-store events during September to promote their new Album “Niemyer

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