• Title: Senkou Hanabi (線香花火)
  • Artist: MAGIC OF LiFE
  • Runtime: 3:54   Language: Japanese
  • Date: April 23, 2017

Senkou Hanabi” (線香花火) is the newest title track from MAGIC OF LiFE’s new double A-sided single “Senkou Hanabi / Ranbu Rendez-vou” (線香花火/乱舞ランデブー).

This colorful song likens love to traditional Japanese fireworks, a.k.a the title “Senkou Hanabi”, and the protagonist of this song talks about how love feels marvelous and wonderful at the moment you’re in it like it would last forever, but in the end is futile, as it fades away fruitlessly, just like fireworks. The protagonist sings, “the present is limited, but shines bright, because when you smile, the whole world is touched by the beauty of it”.

The music video features MAGIC OF LiFE members performing “Senkou Hanabi” to a firework-like background.

The single, “Senkou Hanabi/ Ranbu Randez-vou”, will be released in April 26th, 2017, and MAGIC OF LiFE will hold a nation wide live tour to celebrate the new release starting May 7, 2017 until July 17th, 2017 in various concert halls in Japan. Then they will also attend the MURO FESTIVAL on July 23rd, 2017 in Odaiba, Tokyo Bay.

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