• Title: New York
  • Artist: Mamamoo
  • Runtime: 3:16   Language: Korean
  • Date: October 2, 2016

MAMAMOO came out with a new music video that is set and about the Big Apple, or as many know it as New York. In the video, the ladies are out and about, having fun traveling around New York City. In one instance, we see one of the members video chatting with her lover, but then another member shuts the laptop and convinces their friend to go out and have fun. We later understand the guy is actually in New York. The irony is that the guy does not know that the ladies are in New York, believing that his girlfriend (and her friends) are still on the other side of the world until the end of the MV where they bump into each other. This kind of alludes to the idea that New York is all about possibilities and that anything could happen. The video and song matches in the girls being carefree and lively in a bustling city.

In the song lyrics, the girls sing about how they want to go to New York and spend time there. They miss their lover, too and want him to know that despite the distance, they could still hangout. And of course, they sing about New York, being a place where there is no sleep at all.

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