• Title: Change
  • Artist: MinChen
  • Runtime: 3:11   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: May 7, 2017

We can become our better self, by changing what needs to be changed.

MinChen is back with her new song “Change”, which is featured in her new EP “#Me”. The lyrics of the song, co-written by MinChen herself, Al Kuan (管啟源) and Oliver@i-One Music, talk about a woman looking for love after her successful transformation. Metamorphosis was used as a metaphor in the lyrics, where it describes the change of a caterpillar has undergone, breaking through the cocoon stage, and eventually turning into a beautiful butterfly. The same goes for women, who find themselves becoming their better selves, by changing from inside out, before looking for their Mr. Right.

The song is composed by Oliver@i-One Music and famous Taiwanese songwriter Alex Chang Jien (張簡君偉), where they perfectly fused the Tropical House style with the rhythmic Future Bass to create an Electronic Dance Music. EDM commonly represents fad and modernity, befitting to the song that tells a story of most women living in the modern world, facing insecurities about their self-image, pursuing superficialities that are short-lived.

The music video echoed the theme of the song, as MinChen changed different types of costumes – from a dreamy girl with long wavy hair, to a chic girl with blond hair and finally a sexy dancing machine. But is outward appearance the most important attribute of a woman? In the chorus, it says: “Love ultimately transcends beauty”. No matter what image a woman has or transforms into, love ultimately conquers all, not even beauty can stand in the way. Therefore, this song has inspired female audiences to not only enhance their looks, but first learn to truly love someone else. Otherwise, enhancing the outward appearance would not have any meaning at all.

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