• Bio
  • Miss Ko - Christine Ko (葛仲珊)
  • Born on September 5, 1985 (Virgo)
  • Taiwanese-American rapper, singer, and songwriter
  • Studied Music Business at Five Towns College in New York
  • Released her debut album Knock Out on August 15, 2012, which peaked #1 on local music charts.
  • First female rapper to release solo album in Taiwan and air her music video on MTV.
  • Record Label: Universal Music Group, Asia Muse Entertainment Group Ltd
  • Popular Songs: Till Next Time (就改天); Selfie Addict (自拍) (feat. Amber An); Boom Boom
  • Albums: Knock Out, XXXIII (33)
  • Awards: Best New Artist at the Golden Melody Awards (Grammy's of Taiwan); Most Outstanding Asian-American Youth Overseas
  • In June 2015, Ko released a music video speaking against domestic violence and the video reached over 19,000 shares on Facebook.
  • Videos
Composed and written by Miss Ko (葛仲珊), Crewsin' (大夥騎) carried on her hip-hop style, and was included in Miss...
Being a rapper and songwriter, Miss Ko (葛仲珊) did an excellent job on her Queen of Queens (皇后區的皇后). Composed...
  • Albums
  • Queen of Queens (皇后區的皇后)
  • Album  ·  December 22, 2016
  1. Ms. Make It Happen (搞定小姐)
  2. Pizza
  3. Queen Of Queens (皇后區的皇后)
  4. You Don't Know Me (你不懂我)
  5. Watch Ya Feet (球鞋蜈蚣)
  6. Crewsin' (大夥騎)
  7. Started From Scratch (從黑膠起家)
  8. Till Next Time (就改天)
  9. I Want It All (貪心鬼)
  10. Party
  11. Hustle On (Outro) (繼續奮鬥)
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