• Title: Freeze (꼼짝마)
  • Artist: MOMOLAND
  • Runtime: 3:37   Language: Korean
  • Date: September 2, 2017

When the person you’re falling in love with suddenly vanishes out of thin air, what are you supposed to do? If you ask the ladies of MOMOLAND, there’s only one answer: find them! “Freeze”, the new quirky single from MOMOLAND, tells a story about falling in love story that sounds more like a game of hide and seek. If love has ever made you feel like a puppet on a string, “Freeze” is the upbeat and playful song for you!

In the song “Freeze”, the ladies of MOMOLAND explain that they were ready to confess their feelings, but they fell in love so quickly that their man left before they had a chance to speak up. Their lyrics describe falling in love as thrilling and fun, but also confusing; especially when those feelings can’t be shared with the person you love. The ladies promises to find the man who stole their heart, and make their confusion disappear.

From disappearing acts to hide and seek, the song “Freeze” takes a fun spin on the dizzying feelings of falling in love. From the music video’s candy-colored sets and carnival games, to the circus music in the song’s chorus, the creative circus theme of “Freeze” makes this an experience that you’ll want to find again and again.

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