• Title: Wonderful Love (어마어마해)
  • Artist: MOMOLAND
  • Runtime: 3:16   Language: Korean
  • Date: May 7, 2017

DubleKick Company's girl group MOMOLAND is back with their brand new single, "Wonderful Love" (어마어마해). The Korean music producer and songwriting duo, Duble Sidekick (이단옆차기), contributed to lyrics. The dreamy warmth of a great love is what MOMOLAND sings about in their song. The lyrics tell of a love that makes you feel stronger, and is there to pick you up when you fall. This person fills your thoughts, so that you can’t stop thinking about them. They make you feel like you’re floating in the air, and all you want to do is show how happy and thankful you are.

In the music video, we are charmed by a fairytale wonderland that is perfect for the sweet love story of MOMOLAND’s song. With the cheerful colors and flowers, it makes you want to escape into their world to have your own “wonderful love”.

If "Wonderful Love" gets you in happy mode, check out MOMOLAND’s dance practice to pick up some moves and groove along to their fun tune. New to this adorable girl group? Listen to their previous album, Welcome to MOMOLAND, and you’re sure to become a fan.

Watch MOMOLAND - Wonderful Love - Dance Practice
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