• Title: Sexy Cat's Speech (セクシーキャットの演説)
  • Artist: Morning Musume
  • Runtime: 5:06   Language: Japanese
  • Date: November 13, 2016

"Sexy Cat's Speech" is the newest single by "Morning Musume." The first thing that truly catches your eye when this video starts is their outfits. Their uniform, black outfits are all extraordinarily well made and when cat ears are added they become cute and even sexy. The music is no slouch either, the rhythm is engaging and the inclusion of a trumpet in the background of the song really brings out some unique catchiness. Since this band is an ensemble, all the girls sang their parts beautifully.

The lyrics are mostly just fun, but with some messages that could resonate with people. For example "If you can become happy by getting in line, I'd line up early in the morning." This line in particular is the most interesting in the song. After this line the girls say, "But I know myself, I'm not looking for just results." It seems that the girls are trying to convey that results aren't the only thing to live your life for, but how you get them. That you should go out and do what you want while attaining those results, not just quietly waiting for them to come. Go be a sexy cat and have people pay attention to you, don't just wait for it to happen.

"Morning Musume" is currently performing in their concert, Autumn Tour ~ MY VISION ~, in Japan till December 12th.

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