• Title: Sunshine In Your Heart (心中的太陽)
  • Artist: Nan Quan Mama
  • Runtime: 5:21   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: June 5, 2016

Released in the album All New Attack, “Sunshine In Your Heart” (心中的太陽) is the second hit song that Nan Quan Mama (南拳媽媽) recommends people to enjoy. After 6 years’ rest and reorganization, Nan Quan Mama shows a brand new image in a more energetic, optimistic and cheerful way — just as the lyrics tell, the sun in the heart is the hope for dreams, shining through darkness and cheering people up with power and courage.

By playing nice melody and showing positive spirit, this song also encourages people never to give up nor hesitate when chasing our dreams, because we only live once. In this video, we could see many scenes of love, friendship and familial affection that all can be the sun in our hearts. One of the team members, Sing Hom (言翔), and his mom perform in the theme “familial affection” near the end of this video.

Sunshine In Your Heart is a cover version of AAA (a well-known Japanese pop group)’s famous track “Before Goodbye (さよならの前に)”. By remaking “Before Goodbye” with Chinese lyrics, Nan Quan Mama also pays tribute to AAA.

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