• Title: Let Me Be The Light (不放)
  • Artist: Nick Chou
  • Runtime: 3:37   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: September 10, 2017

Giving up is easy because it only takes a second. Conversely, keeping up and not letting go is hard, because it may take a life time. When facing true love, are you willing to devote your life time to light her life? If you are tired or losing heart, Nick Chou's (周湯豪) new single Let Me Be The Light (不放) will give you some encouragement.

Composed and written by Nick Chou, Let Me Be The Light is the theme song for the Taiwanese drama Love, Timeless (鐘樓愛人). The lyrics of the song narrated the singer's willingness to hold his lover's hand and take her wherever he goes, hinting that he will not let go of her love for the life time. Because he loves her so much, he worries when she is left alone. While the fate of the two are tied together, he will always wait for her, and to be the light of her life.

The music video created two lines of plots, which seem separate but indeed interrelated. While Nick was driving between the city road and the mountain path, his lover, starred by Joy Sohn, was walking alone in a trail. The magic of love made Nick seeking for Joy and eventually arrived at the mountain in which Joy was in. When Joy turned around and smiled, she must have seen Nick, even though the music video did not include a single scene with the two together.

Love creates energy and imaginations. Just like the audience can feel Nick was looking for Joy in the music video, the power of love is impossible to ignore. Life is a path that everyone must go through. Finding the loved one to walk with can definitely save you from loneliness on the way. If that Ms Right has appeared in your life journey, it is wise to not let her go. Make yourself her light, then she will also be your light too on the path of life.

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