• Title: Come Back to Me (回來我身邊)
  • Artist: Nine One One
  • Runtime: 3:54   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: May 1, 2016

What do you do when you are left alone? How does it feel when your love depart from you? Nine One One's new released song Come Back To Me reveals in a lively way the inner helplessness man would face when his love leaves him.

The song is performed in Taiwanese, combined with the elements from Western pop, and is included in their first complete album 9453. The entire album is connected coherently by the central spirit of stresslessness and liveliness.

This song is remarkable in the way that it subverts the common notion that the girl is one-sided dependent on her boyfriend, while 911's song suggests that the man could be relying on his girlfriend reciprocally. His girlfriend is not only the person whom his affection lies, but is also his caregiver who manages his daily matters, such as preparing meals. Her presence is significant in just every quotidian experience in his life. As soon as he realizes how important his love is, the man, in order to prove that he is a real man, makes up his mind that he has to call his lady to come back to him. The MV captures the normative manly things that a real man would do; it is humorous in the way of how these manly guys are, however, in desperate need of the care of their loves.

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