• Title: Liar Liar (오마이걸)
  • Artist: Oh My Girl
  • Runtime: 3:27   Language: Korean
  • Date: April 3, 2016

Oh My Girl has made a comeback with their new EP album, Pink Ocean, pairing it with a new music video of their title song, Liar Liar. The girls sport are bright-colored fun fashion which matches with the group image and the upbeat song.

The song was released on March 28, 2016 with an announcement of the group's fanclub new name, Miracle! In the song, the girls sing about a particular boyfriend who they suspect is a liar since it seems that he is a player. In the video, we see that all the girls have their hands behind their backs as they spy and pry each other, but we notice that they all secretly hold the same photo of the same guy! The props were thoughtfully used as the glasses and mirrors help us reveal what each girl is hiding. It seems that it isn't just this cheating boyfriend that is the liar.

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