• Bio
  • Phil Lam - Lin Yi Kuang (林奕匡)
  • Born in Canada on June 12, 1985 (Gemini)
  • Education: University of British Columbia
  • Cantopop singer-songwriter
  • Debuted in 2010 after winning the Vancouver New Talent Singing Awards in 2007
  • Record Label: Sony Music (Hong Kong) (2010-present)
  • Popular Songs: Pair Of Hands (一雙手), Stop Breeding (停止繁殖), Love Act (愛情小品)
  • Albums: Goodman (小眾情人), Someone Will Resonate (有人共鳴), Loaded
  • Awards: Gold award for singer-songwriter in Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation, Best singer-songwriter in Jade Solid Gold Awards Presentation, Hit male singer-songwriter in Hit Awards
  • Videos
Many people think tears belong to those who are weak and incompetent. On the other hand, scientists believe tears are good for...
The perfect lover is hard to come by. If you meet the right one, cherish this love and you can overcome all obstacles with the...
  • Albums
  • How Nice to Have Tears (有淚多好)
  • Single  ·  July 31, 2017
  • Songs Of Love
  • Album  ·  February 6, 2017
  1. Undeserve (不敢當)
  2. First Morning (第一個早晨)
  3. Love Act (愛情小品)
  4. No Such Word (查無此字)
  5. Stop Breeding (停止繁殖)
  6. Hard to Come By (難得一遇)
  7. Missing You
  8. All I Have Is You
  9. Do You Know
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