• Title: How Nice to Have Tears (有淚多好)
  • Artist: Phil Lam
  • Runtime: 4:20   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: September 2, 2017

Many people think tears belong to those who are weak and incompetent. On the other hand, scientists believe tears are good for health. If you are trying to decide who is right, Phil Lam's (林奕匡) new single, How Nice to Have Tears (有淚多好), may help address your concern.

Composed by Phil Lam and written by Chen Yong Qian (陳詠謙), How Nice to Have Tears was created based on a guitar riff. The lyrics started with describing emotional moments in which tears are necessary, and led to the conclusion that it is very nice and precious to still have tears. As stated in the lyrics, tears can remind you the gains and losses you experienced, memorize the hikes and troughs in life, and help you express your emotions then move on.

The music video included experiences of two individuals in which the tears were needed. Representing most people in the society, they came across different difficulties in lives, such as getting fired and having arguments with friends and family. Yet it was stressful and discouraging, letting the tears down definitely helped them relieve and get out of the unhappiness. Once the tears took away the burdens in their heart, they could smile and move on the path of life.

Who have not experienced down moments? Optimistic people relieve their stress, put it down, and move on. Pessimistic people get knocked down by the obstacles and remain in the troughs for the rest of their lives. It is OK to let the tears down when you feel helpless and sad, because tears can wash up your mind and take away those bothering you. Then you will realize how nice it is to have tears.

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