• Title: BOROBORO ~Kono Ai wa Boroboro ni naru Sadame nanoka~ (BOROBORO ~この愛はボロボロになる運命なのか~)
  • Artist: predia
  • Runtime: 3:57   Language: Japanese
  • Date: June 12, 2016

predia, idol group PASSPO☆'s sister group, released their new MV for the song "BOROBORO ~Kono Ai Wa Boroboro ni naru Sadame nanoka~" (BOROBORO ~この愛はボロボロになる運命なんどか~). This song is to be included in their mini-album called "Byakuya no Viola ni Idakarete"(白夜のヴィオラにいだかれて) which is scheduled to release on June 22.

With a total of 10 members with average age of mid-high 20s, Predia brings upon a new image with this title song. While many songs of predia show a rather stronger, dominant side of women, this time they show a weaker and delicate image. The members in the MV are seen wearing sultry and dark garments of deep blue and crying alone, visualizing the sadness and distraught brought to them through this mature love song. "Boroboro"(ボロボロ)means to be torn up or hurt, whether emotionally or physically. This word is used in the chorus where it describes the painful side of love that although people know that a relationship cannot go on any longer, they still cannot let go of their last bit of hope.

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