• Title: Nouvelle Cuisine (ヌーベルキュイジーヌ)
  • Artist: predia
  • Runtime: 3:54   Language: Japanese
  • Date: June 18, 2017

predia (プレディア) does nothing but play with your imagination with their 6th newest single Nouvelle Cuisine (ヌーベルキュイジーヌ) and is to be released this June 21, 2017.

Drinking wine is classy and a great way to socialize, but drinking too much of it can also make you dizzy and makes you want to do things you do not normally do when you are sober, but of course, through the MV, predia has their own way of expressing this in a very unique way. Dressed in lacey black dresses with red roses for accent, the members of predia, danced in what seems to be inside a glass of wine, a playful way of entertaining the viewers and make them wonder how everything in the video and the lyrics of the song actually makes sense despite the MV having subjects like wine being poured, dancing silhouettes, and grapes being fondled with.

The lyrics is about how adult’s relationship are and is very much comparable to the different kinds of liquor mentioned in the MV. You would be drinking one type of drink, expecting it would be sweet and tasty but it ended up tasting bitter in the end, or on the good side, when you come in contact with someone you like, you are immediately spell-bound and become disoriented but when you stay away from that person, you would feel normal, just like if you are drinking wine or any liquor, it will make you dizzy but when you are not drinking, you feel normal. The MV has what a viewer needs if they want their imagination to be teased---in a good way!

predia (プレディア) will have a “release event” and fans can see the members in the flesh from June 20-25, in different parts of Tokyo. predia release tour 2017 ~Wain to kakete, onna to hodoku. Sono kokoro wa~ ( ~ワインとかけて、女と解く。その心は~) will have their final tour on July 2, 2017 in Akasaka BLITZ, Tokyo, Japan.

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