• Title: We Like
  • Artist: PRISTIN
  • Runtime: 3:38   Language: Korean
  • Date: September 2, 2017

PRISTIN is a group that knows exactly who they are, and they aren’t afraid to say it! Their new single, “We Like” is a confession song with an edge, and it’s bursting with confidence and high energy. PRISTIN may be confessing, but they’ve made it very clear that they are no average girls, and this is no average confession song!

We Like” isn’t just a song about liking someone, but a song about liking yourself too. The lyrics talk about the ladies of PRISTIN know what they like, and they won’t waste time pretending. With busy schedules and other boys confessing to them, these girls know how much their time is worth, so they aren’t the type to play games when it comes to love. Some might call PRISTIN ‘too much’, but the ladies know that’s their charm.

We Like”, from the Schxxl Out album, is an anthem for anyone proud of who they are and ready to go after what (and who) they like. Even if you’re a little bit shy, PRISTIN’s single is a great pick-me-up. Paired with the mischievous music video, where the girls of PRISTIN party with no fear of getting caught, “We Like” is a cheeky confession that’s as much about self love as it is love.

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