• Title: The Apple (蘋果) - ft. E-SO
  • Artist: R-Chord
  • Runtime: 4:06   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: May 28, 2017

Included in R-Chord's (謝和弦) album Time to Let the World Know (要你知道), The Apple (蘋果) was first created by both R-Chord and E-So (瘦子) when they were in high school. When R-Chord was ready to include this song in his album, he invited E-So for the recording, who then improved the lyrics with new raps. The innovated version was more closely to the reality and was full of self-criticism and console. It delivered the message that life is just an absurd and humorous performance show.

The lyrics of the song described the view of the world from the perspective of a poison apple. This apple is greedy and evil, and used its power to provide poison apples to the people. As a metaphor of a type of crowd who had beautiful and flawless outlooks but a bad heart inside, Apple indirectly reflected the reality in the world, where people were losing their dignities and beliefs.

With the joint effort of E-So, the music video used a fairy-tale-looking but creepy and evil background, with black being the major color. R-Chord jumped out of the window and transfigured into a clown, and started the evil story in which the poison apples were distributed by a nun wearing red lipsticks. After people ate the apples, they changed into a way as they were wearing masks and not behaving the true self. As more apples were passed out, the nun took off her cover and turned into a hot lady, whereas the clown gained his powers and started to destroy the world.

R-Chord and E-So used the song to satire the world that is occupied by hypocrisy. The society is cruel so that people must hide themselves and act exaggeratedly to fit in. Contrast to the music world, where you can create and sing out loud with your true feelings. This is the magic of music and this is the magic of R-Chord.

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