• Title: This Is The Last Time (這是最後一次)
  • Artist: R-Chord
  • Runtime: 6:23   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: March 27, 2016

Featured in the album The Crazy Ones, the song "This Is The Last Time" by R-Chord is about remembering a past relationship with gratitude and nostalgia. Though we get hurt in relationships, we are offered a chance to grow in the process.

The video is a creative spin on the song lyrics, telling the story of a boy who didn't know that his girlfriend was a lesbian even though they had been together since high school. When he finds out, the girl apologizes many times marking one of the most poignant scenes in the video. He still appreciates the opportunity to have met her, but perhaps he will move on.

The video featured artists such as Daniel Chen (陳慕) and Vivi Weng (翁嘉薇) as the young couple, and Uriko Lee (李優) as the girl's other lover. The song was originally written and performed when R-Chord was just 16 years old, now 12 years later, R-Chord has rearranged the music to add a feeling of experience and youthfulness to the song.

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