• Title: Shinkaron (進化論)
  • Artist: RADIO FISH
  • Runtime: 5:22   Language: Japanese
  • Date: May 7, 2017

"Shinkaron" (進化論) is the newest single from RADIO FISH. "Shinkaron" once again evokes the somewhat god-like persona that RADIO FISH created around vocalist Atsuhiko Nakata in their previous songs "PERFECT HUMAN" and "GOLDEN TOWER." "Shinkaron" was written by RADIO FISH and it is an over-the-top motivational song, demanding that listeners to keep fighting, evolving, improving, and moving forward. Throughout the song, there is a repeated invoking of an enigmatic "he" -- someone we are told to believe in, and whose genetics we have inherited. At the end of the song, it is made clear that this "he" is, of course, Nakata.

The "Shinkaron" MV also has a product tie-in with Acuo (a type of gum made by Lotte), which is done partially in the form of a game. The MV has seven hidden numbers in it, which if you entered into the keypad on acuo-inc.jp will allow you into Nakata's virtual safe!

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