• Title: Traces Of Time In Love (年輪說)
  • Artist: Rainie Yang
  • Runtime: 4:26   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: October 2, 2016

If a tree’s growth rings tell its age, life experiences tell a person’s growth in life. Rainie Yang is back in the music scene releasing her new 10th album featuring the song “Traces Of Time In Love” (年輪說), which talks about a woman recalling her past experiences in life.

The song lyrics are written by Wu Tsing-Fong (吳青峰), a vocalist of Sodagreen and good friend of Rainie, and use the tree’s growth rings as imagery to describe how much a woman matures especially after a heartbreak. In the lyrics, the woman counted her “growth rings” from her first experience being a toddler till an adult, and when she started meeting her lover, her “growth rings” increased dramatically to hundreds and thousands until the breakup because of the amount of heartaches she experienced. This is further expressed in the video, where Rainie is seen wearing a long white dress, thinking back on the past by showing snippets of a woman in different life stages.

The song strikes a chord in all women’s hearts, as the composer of the music Chen Chien Chi (陳建騏) gives the song an unexpectedly languid mood, expressing the woman’s nonchalance to her past hurts as she has already moved on.

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