• Title: Rebirth (환생)
  • Artist: Red Velvet
  • Runtime: 3:39   Language: Korean
  • Date: August 27, 2017

Red Velvet remakes the feeling of a life-changing love with a new STATION track entitled “Rebirth”. Originally by Jongshin Yoon, Red Velvet does their own rendition of the song, combining soothing vocals and retro vibes to share a precious message about a love worth changing for.

Falling in love brings out unfathomable changes. Most of the time, these changes unveil the best qualities a person can have. Even minute variations, like finding mundane tasks such as a morning shower enjoyable, can never go unnoticed and these pleasant surprises makes the love seem much, much sweeter. People are ‘reborn’ into better versions of themselves after finding that riveting, breath-taking kind of love. The world is suddenly brighter and more blissful, and the lyrics of the song “Rebirth” is an ode to a love just like that.

The music video which is done in slow motion, showcases the member’s unique charms and quirky personalities in a simplistic yet fun and vibrant school setting, also adding cute CG that encloses the whole video in a scrapbook vibe. The simplicity highlights Red Velvet’s vocals and the priceless message within the song lyrics.

Red Velvet’s heart-warming remake of the song “Rebirth” is truly a gem that is worth the watch and worth the listen.

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