• Bio
  • Shennio Lin (林芯儀)
  • Born on August 13, 1986 (Leo) in Chiayi, Taiwan
  • Launched onto the scene by advancing far on the Asian New Talent Singing Competition hosted by Gala Television in 2004.
  • Sung the Taiwanese Chinese version of “Let It Go,” the soundtrack to the Disney animation Frozen.
  • Record Labels: Seed Music Co. (2015 - present), Linfair Records
  • Albums: I’m Singing
  • Popular Songs: “Let it Go,” “No Wine Event” (酒矸倘賣無), “Return to the Past” (回到過去)
  • Awards: Eighth Asian New Talent Awards
  • Associated Acts: Three Million Star
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As we learn how to speak and act differently in the process of growing up, we slowly forget our innocent and truthful self, our...
A Better Tomorrow (以後以後) by Shennio Lin 林芯儀 is featured in her first EP I'm Singing. This song, along with...
Learning that your lover has left you is always hard. From the album I’m Singing, the song “Remembering You”...
  • Albums
  • World (最初來到世界的模樣)
  • Single  ·  June 1, 2017
  • I'm Singing
  • Single  ·  March 1, 2016
  1. Remembering You ( 道聽塗說)
  2. A Better Tomorrow (以後以後)
  3. Not That Into You (已讀我的已讀不回)
  4. Waiting For Someone (等一個人)
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