• Title: A Better Tomorrow (以後以後)
  • Artist: Shennio Lin
  • Runtime: 3:57   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: April 3, 2016

A Better Tomorrow (以後以後) by Shennio Lin 林芯儀 is featured in her first EP I'm Singing. This song, along with another track in this EP, Remembering You (道聽塗說), are counterparts to each other. In this song, Shennio sings to those who mourn the flown-away youth. Time is a creepy thief and a silent curse; it steals away our passions and anticipation for the future and we are left all alone without hope. We no longer see the stars that we wish upon; simplicity and ignorance that we once possessed become mere pursuits as we grow into adulthood.

The MV begins with a vintage TV’s playing Shennio’s singing the song; then, we see the protagonist, who discovers the abandoned TV in the silent aisle, listens to Shennio’s singing. Like the TV, he finds himself an outcast. He is alone and finds it difficult to proceed to his tomorrow. The singer, however, articulates for him his internal struggles and sentiments through the lyrics. She sings to her audience that her music is with the brokenhearts, and she understands them. In the last refrain of the chorus, Shennio comes out from the TV and sings beside the sad-looking protagonist, implying that the artist now has gained the entry into the hearts of her audience with the company of her music. Towards the end, the protagonist is handed with an umbrella; his heart is now open again welcoming companions.

With the singer’s gentle guidance and her soothing music, we are able to walk to A Better Tomorrow. In addition, this song is the ending song to the 2016 Taiwanese Drama Love @ Seventeen (我和我的十七歲).

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