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  • Sherman Chung - Chung Tsu Man (鐘舒漫)
  • Born on June 20, 1984 in Hong Kong (Gemini)
  • Hong Kong singer, actor
  • Won the champion of 2005 TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship, then started her singing career in 2007 with single Gao Shou Guo Zhao (高手過招)
  • Record Label: Emperor Entertainment Group
  • Popular Songs: The Name of This Song is a Secret (這首歌的名字是秘密); Never Believe Self (從不信自己); Split Steps (小碎步); Bitter Tea (苦茶)
  • Albums: Everlasting; SC; It is A Beautiful Day; One Mission; A Letter to Self (給自己的信)
  • Films: Because of Love (因愛之名); Hold Love (Hold 住愛); The Stool Pigeon (綫人); 72 Tenants of Prosperity (72家租客)
  • Awards: J.S.G. Cosplay Award in Golden Melody competition; Best Creative Singer Silver Award in JSG Award; Outstanding Young Artist Award in Hong Kong Art Festival
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How to be successful in your life? Be adaptive is the key! In Sherman Chung's (鐘舒漫) mind, there are four steps to the...
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  • Be Water, My Friend
  • Single  ·  September 26, 2017
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