• Title: Knowing Myself (我不認識的我)
  • Artist: Shiny
  • Runtime: 3:37   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: February 26, 2017

As long as I know who I am, it doesn't matter what am I in the eyes of others. But the question is – do I even know myself?

Shiny explores the confusion and frustration everyone has on their own identity, in her new song “Knowing Myself” (我不認識的我), which is featured in her newly released album “Getting Stronger” (漸強). The song was written by a famous Malaysian lyrist Chen Xin Yan (陳信延), where the lyrics talk about a person knowing she has different sides to her personality, through others’ description of her, including her lover. However, at the end of the song, it was concluded that only she herself know what is her identity, and what others said about her will be considered a story in a novel – possible but untrue.

In the music video, Shiny is featured as the main character, where she goes around with a futuristic gun, shooting down a few other “identities” she has – the one in costume and the one singing in a rock band. This expresses the emotions of the lyrics, as Shiny seems to have known and found her herself, and throws the gun after “removing” the other identities that she does not identify with.

This song is aptly composed with elements of new age and rock music, which complements the mood of the song, as it does not only describe someone with a conflicted sense of identity, it also highlighted the problem of people living in this postmodern world.

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