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  • Super Girls (超女時代)
  • A Hong Kong Cantopop girl group also known as Icon Girls
  • 5 members include Aka (趙慧珊), Cheronna (吳嘉熙), Yanny (陳穎欣), Jessica (蔡明思), and Heidi (李靜儀)
  • Gained popularity while participating TVB’s Jade Solid Gold (勁歌金曲) with its “Be My Love” in 2012
  • Record Label: Stars Shine International, JamMusic
  • Albums: Super Girls (超女時代), Blossom (蓓蕾)
  • Popular Songs: Be My Love, I Belong To U, Lost in Tokyo (迷失東京), Black Suit (黑色西裝)
  • Awards: Idol Rookie King, Canada HIT Cpop Most Highly Praised New Group, Silver Medal for Jade Solid Gold Best Dancing Music, Third Place for Hong Kong Pop Music MV Award
  • Endorsements: Bank of Communications, Origins OriginalSkin, AEON Group
  • Films: Hardcore Comedy (重口味), A Secret Between Us (第一次不是你)
  • Musicals: Love Novels, MusiLove World Movement (MusiLove世人樂章)
  • Videos
Many relationships ended while the love still existed. This made it very difficult for people to return their own lives without...
For those involved in serious relationships, breaking up can be the end of the world. However, in Super Girls’ newest...
  • Albums
  • 從今以後
  • Album  ·  March 17, 2017
  • The Beauty of Breaking Up (分手的美)
  • Single  ·  September 9, 2016
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