• Title: One More Chance (비처럼 가지마요)
  • Artist: Super Junior
  • Runtime: 4:39   Language: Korean
  • Date: November 13, 2017

With a song that could be dedicated to all people who eagerly seeks another chance from a broken past, Super Junior returns with “One More Chance”, the comeback track from their 8th album entitled ‘PLAY’.

The song lyrics tell us about doubting the sincerity of a love that was once treasured, but has now left. All the existing reminders bring back the shared memories, but these memories are now tainted with doubt. Time drifts them apart, and the pain shared in between that distance somehow became an inspiration. Yet again, everything that were supposed to be forgotten came rushing back in. Drowned in regret, they search and plead for just another chance. A second shot where they can fight for the one they truly love, where they can stop her from leaving. They try to endure the pain, plough through the scars and mistakes just for that one chance to get a glimpse of her again.

The music video takes us into scenes of seemingly endless tunnels and corridors, depicting the unending search for that second chance with the one we love. Super Junior not only impresses us with the new song, but with their delivery of the emotion it resonates as well. There is much to see and to listen to with Super Junior’s “One More Chance” music video. Watch it and drown in the multitude of feelings it brings.

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