• Title: After Saying Goodbye (說再見了吧)
  • Artist: Supper Moment
  • Runtime: 5:48   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: April 23, 2017

Whenever we bid farewell to our friends after having a good and fun time together, ever crossed your mind that it might really be the last goodbye? Would there be any regrets? Would good times only remain as memories?

Supper Moment has recently released a rock song “After Saying Goodbye” (說再見了吧), that describes the sadness and regret of losing a friend, as well as their youth. The song is composed and written by Supper Moment, where it suggests that a friend has died, and that life is not always full of aspirations and choices. One day we will grow old, say goodbye to our youth and look forward to meeting our old friends in heaven. The lyrics ended emotionally, telling people to cry their hearts out and say all the goodbyes to move on with their lives.

All the members of Supper Moment appeared in the music video, who wore solemn black suits and walked down a memory stairways together to reminisce the parties and crazy times they had when they were younger. In the video, Sunny is seen holding a camera to signify that what they are seeing are bits and pieces of the captured memories. However, in the end, the flashbacks ended when he picked up the camera for the last time. The room became empty, the party has ended and their friends are no longer there. What’s left are just photos, memories, and the four of them mourning over the demise of their youth. This reminds us we should cherish our friends and spend time with them while we still can.

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