• Title: ONE'S AGAIN
  • Runtime: 5:42   Language: Japanese
  • Date: May 13, 2017

The 7th single of the Japanese alternative rock band, "THE ORAL CIGARETTES" entitled ONE’S AGAIN (トナリアウ/TONARIAU) included their newest song titled "ONE’S AGAIN", is to be released on June 14, 2017. Written by the band's lead singer, Takuya Yamanaka, describes the writing the lyrics in the hopes of conveying how he feels when listeners see the lyrics, as he wrote in their official website’s blog; “Motto riaru ni tsutaeru tameni kashi kaita” (もっとリアルに伝えるために歌詞書いた), he ended his message by saying to keep the lyrics real, “Riaru ni! Yori riaru ni!” (リアルに!よりリアルに).

The lyrics reiterate the hardships couples go through as well as being able to overcome them. The MV revolves around couples and strategically explains how each of them struggle emotionally after a break-up; it portrays frustration, exasperation and the feeling of being lost. It also conveys how they still have so much love for each other after the break-up, hence, the lyrics, "I will be so much stronger if I can come back to you once again, and that I am here for you to still come home to". Eventually after the break-up, they would still want to overcome the hardships, as a couple; stronger than ever, and being able to be each other's "again".

THE ORAL CIGARETTES Kuchibiru One Man-UNOFFICIAL DINING TOUR 2017, continues until June 16 and the band will have their tour's final venue in Nippon Budoukan (日本武道館), Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan.

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