• Title: Neither Fish Nor Fowl (四不像)
  • Artist: Vincy Chan
  • Runtime: 4:37   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: March 13, 2016

Meaning “ambiguous” or “difficult to identify,” “Neither Fish Nor Fowl” is a song about someone's difficulty of expressing how she feels. She experiences conflicting, tumultuous feelings, but she sings in a controlled way.

In this video for her single, Vincy Chan stands in a middle of room that once held beautiful memories that are now painful. Through a window, Vincy perhaps can see her romantic partner showing affection to another girl or a girl who is in a same situation. The glass is only transparent one-way, so she can see their fondness, but they can’t see her agony. Vincy expresses the tenuous feelings that lovers often feel when they discover that their feelings aren’t being requited by their partner. Vincy delivers a memorable performance with her fine-tuned vocals that show both restraint and deep emotion.

This song is collaboration among singer Vincy Chan, composer Vincent Chow, lyricist Lin Xi, editor Gary Tong and director Alvin Leong.

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