• Title: One Little Pig (一隻小豬)
  • Artist: Vincy Chan
  • Runtime: 5:03   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: April 15, 2017

Many people had their own fairy tales in childhood. However, as they grew up, they may find that fairy tales were too good and fancy to be true. Vincy's (泳兒) new single "One Little Pig" (一隻小豬) made a memorable remark for the discrepancy between the childhood dreams and the realities in the adulthood.

Composed by Christopher Chak (澤日生) and written by Riley Lam (林若寧), the lyric of the song started with listing instances that contrast the beautiful childhood dreams and the dark side of adulthood realities. From truth telling to sleeping beauty, what people learned when they were little did not seem to apply to the real world after they've grown up. To fit into the society, people have to socialize with fake smiles and endless drinking. As they drawn in the social life, they lost the innocent happy days they had when they were children.

The music video played the experiences of four friends in their love and work lives. While facing tough relationships, difficult clients, and annoying bosses, these friends felt much depressed and stressful. When they could not take it anymore, they fought back in extreme ways. After the unhappiness and depression were relieved, they met and played the band together, and enjoyed the moment without the annoyance.

If the real life is not as great as told in fairy tales, why not pick a day to completely relax and squeeze out the depression and stress out of your body? When you truly embrace the happiness, you may find the world is not as bad as your thought.

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