• Title: Road of Quicksand (浮沙之路)
  • Artist: Vincy Chan
  • Runtime: 4:13   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: May 29, 2016

Road of Quicksand” (浮沙之路) is a masterpiece by Hong Kong Cantonese pop singer, Vincy Chan (泳兒). This is one of the songs being collected in her new album “MIRROR REFLECTION” (鏡像) which was released in April 2016. In addition, this song was composed by Christopher Chak (澤日生), written by Lin Xi (林夕) and produced by Alvin Leong.

In the MV, Vincy (泳兒) performed her own acrobatic dance. With the perfect combination of yoga in the air and sentimental piano melody, this MV is overwhelmed with uncertainties of love which truly reflected the essence of the lyrics. Yoga dance with hanging ribbon in the air is a highly technical performance which needs continuous practice to make it perfect. But, this is totally different from love. Love, doesn’t mean that the effort you contributed will lead you to a happiness ending. The journey of love is just like the name of this song “Road of Quicksand” (浮沙之路). You are like walking on floating sand, you will fall or injured unconsciously; this feel is perfectly synchronized with the MV, whereby Vincy (泳兒) may easily fall from the hanging ribbon during her air yoga dance if she out of her focus.

If you have known that love is a one way street, will you still willing to persevere till the end? - Love is like floating sand, always full of uncertainties –

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