• Title: Used to Love You (習慣愛你)
  • Artist: Vincy Chan
  • Runtime: 3:36   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: July 23, 2017

Falling in love takes a second but staying in love takes a lifetime. While it is hard to live with someone with different habits, carefully manage and keep up the tolerance are extremely important to keep the relationship going. In Vincy Chan's Used to Love You (習慣愛你), she taught us how to get into the habit of love.

Included in Vincy's newest EP Short Stories, Used to Love You narrated the love life after the excitement and craziness. Although the feeling of love has faded during the course of getting used to each other, the established relationship and the care for each other are still alive. The loved one may not have exalted ambition, and may be capricious like a child, but he is still the safe harbor for comfort, because loving him already became a habit.

In the music video, Vincy exhibited her beauty under a blooming cherry tree, and created a dim yet romantic environment as if she was in her relationship. Her face carried a lonely expression but it blended in the setting so perfectly. It is not a scene that full of excitement in her, but the peace and comfort calm her down. Regardless she was in the flowers, in front of the window during the dark rainy night, or on the stage alone under the light, they were just different places that she fit in naturally. Maybe that's what love means to her, flat but habitual.

Love needs irrigation and tolerance. To maintain the relationship, you need to continuously put up with your loved one's imperfectness, temper, bad habits, and preferences. It is easy to say but hard to do, and requires tremendous patience and sacrifice.

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