• Title: Dearest (親愛的)
  • Artist: Wang Leehom
  • Runtime: 5:19   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: November 13, 2017

There is one emotion exceeds love in the world, which is the love of the parents. They are the only ones who are willing to do anything for you without asking for returns. This is the kind of emotion narrated in Wang Leehom's (王力宏) Dearest (親愛的).

Included in Leehom's newest album A.I. Love: Episode 2 (A.I. 愛:第二集), Dearest is composed and written by Leehom. He also played violin, guitar, and piano for the song. From a father's standpoint, the lyrics described the scene in which Leehom was putting his daughter into sleep. Although he still wants to talk to the baby and tell her how much he loves her, it is time for her the to go to bed. Therefore, Leehom gently patted her into sleep and whispered at her ears for sweet dreams with giraffe and flying elephants. No matter how long the life is in front of them, Leehom makes up his mind that he will be accompanying with his dearest daughter forever.

Leehom starred the "Father" role in the music video, as it is his own life journey. The MV recorded Leehom and his daughter's cycle of life, from being a baby to growing up, getting married, building a family, to the end of Leehom's life, echoing to the lyrics that Leehom wants to be with his dearest daughter forever. The MV invited Nana Ou-Yang (歐陽娜娜) to play Leehom's daughter after grown-up, who is a famous cello player.

After Leehom's daughters' birth in recent years, the popular Chinese singer devoted a lot of love to his family. The shine of being an idol did not reduce his ability of being a good dad, and he has proven that the greatest emotion is the love from the parents. Often people do not realize how selfless parents are until they become the parents, but many times this realization is too late. If Leehom's Dearest has touched your heart, maybe it is the time to pick up the phone and give your parents a call, or go visit them and give them a hug, for they have been selflessly loved you for their entire lives.

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