• Title: Singularity (奇遇的起點)
  • Artist: Wang Leehom
  • Runtime: 4:29   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: January 21, 2018

In Singularity (奇遇的起點), Wang Leehom’s (王力宏) latest music video from his latest album A.I. Love (A.I. 愛), the familiar themes of movies such as Blade Runner and Her are reprised as two androids find love in the beautiful city of Prague.

Written by Francis Lee (李焯雄) and composed by Wang Leehom and The Swaggernautz, the lyrics explore what it is like to love and to lose. To love is courageous and miraculous, whereas to lose is melancholic and bittersweet. But, even in the face of loss, Leehom learns to let go and move on. He reminisces on the beautiful moments with his ex-lover and let that be the drive to carry him onto the next part of his life – although, sadly, the new adventure that he is about to embark on will be without her.

The narrative rolls over to the music video, where Leehom encounters another artificial intelligence on a chance train ride shortly after she has been activated. They may be robots but they look convincingly human. Knowing that they will be hunted down, both of them go on the run and share a sweet connection during this short escapade. Yet, towards the end of the video, Leehom is revealed to be alone. Little is told of the female robot’s circumstances and that is left open to interpretations – was she caught by whoever was after them? Or, did she leave Leehom on her own accord? Only one thing is for sure, the relationship has ended.

It also calls into question whether the love that exists between two artificial beings can be considered genuine. Although, judging by the forlorn expressions that Leehom wears as he thinks about his lover, it appears so.

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