• Title: CHARM
  • Artist: WANIMA
  • Runtime: 3:59   Language: Japanese
  • Date: May 28, 2017

"CHARM" is part of WANIMA's newest single "Gotta Go!!" According to WANIMA, they named this song "CHARM" because they want it to serve as a good luck charm for all their listeners: Those who are setting off on a journey (just as WANIMA did when they left their southern prefecture of Kumamoto and moved to Kamigamo ten years ago), those who must watch them go (just as WANIMA's friends and family did), and those who are facing any kind of challenges or trials in their lives.

The MV for "CHARM" begins with images of pastoral and beach scenes, perhaps reminiscent of the places the band members once lived; and then changes to flashy cityscapes featuring high-rise buildings and bright lights. After that it changes back and forth between the two; and this mixture of past and present serves to give fans a glimpse of where the band comes from, and what a jarring transition it can be to go from country to city.

The lyrics of "CHARM" are about setting off on an uncertain journey, unsure where you are going but pushing your fears aside. As you proceed on your way, you always hold in your heart warm thoughts of the landscapes of home and the people who are there, and look toward the day when you can see them again.

WANIMA is scheduled to perform live with Maximum the Hormone on May 29th, 2017 in Hiroshima, Japan.

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