• Title: Think Of You First (第一個想到你)
  • Artist: Weibird Wei
  • Runtime: 5:44   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: August 28, 2016

Composed and written by Weibird Wei, he once again exhibits his talent in music with his new song “Think of You First” (第一個想到你). Used as the ending song for a Taiwanese drama “Refresh Man” (後菜鳥的燦爛時代), this song is Weibird’s inspiration to the reliance on the smart phones.

With the fast development of digital technology, smart phones have become an essential part of our lives. While the lyrics narrate the phones’ importance, the music video compared them to a lover, emphasizing the indispensable role they play in one’s life. The music video starts with Weibird’s monologue, “Indeed anything I do, I always first think of you,” leading to his illustration of the phone as his lover, starred by Lian Yuhan (連俞涵).

In the music video, Weibird spent every moment of his life with Yuhan, as he did with the phone. Coffee shop, bookstore, coach in the living room, and the outskirt after a rainy day, everywhere had left with their footprints. Suddenly, one day, an accident took away Yuhan’s life. So collapsed, was Weibird’s life. His life was then full of helplessness and emptiness, and his world was spinning. Wherever he went, whatever he did, he always first think of her, as a metaphor to the phone. Life loses its meaning if the phone is not around, and Weibird can’t live without the phone. Maybe neither can’t us.

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