• Title: You Don't Need to Know (不需要知道)
  • Artist: Weibird Wei
  • Runtime: 4:48   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: March 12, 2018

People tend to focus on girls' inner world when it comes to love, as they are perceived to be sensitive and emotional. On the other hand, boys' feelings are not easily noticed by others. In Weibird Wei's (韋禮安) newest single You Don't Need to Know (不需要知道), it focused on boys' emotional world about love.

Composed and written by Weibird, You Don't Need to Know is the ending song for the Taiwanese drama, My Dear Boy (我的男孩). Being a mature man, Weibird seemed to have the resonance on this topic, as reflected in the lyrics. From the perspective of a slayer, the lyrics described Weibird’s forbearance and humble love. While love is not possession nor will receive the same in return, loving someone means to wish her the best and the most happiness, even though at the cost of self. As long as she lives in a life she likes, she doesn't even need to know there is another person loves her secretly.

The music video echoed the content of the lyrics, and narrated a boy's hidden love. Acted as this boy, Weibird was thinking about the girl he loves while creating the music. Although they are not together, she continues to live in Weibird's heart. Based on Weibird 's expression we can feel that he decided to endure the pain and continue to love her secretly, he exhibited the selfless love that is to wish the best for her.

Love someone without asking for return might be the greatest but the hardest emotion. The one-sided love might be the biggest secret in many people’s heart, for both men and women. When you truly loved someone, you may find that the most precious is the loving feelings and the selfless heart. While love is your own thing, the object of your love does not even need to know about it. When you see him/her happy, your loving heart will be fulfilled. This is the core theme of Weibird’s You Don’t Need to Know.

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