• Artist: WINNER
  • Runtime: 3:40   Language: Korean
  • Date: April 15, 2017

REALLY REALLY is WINNER’s new catchy melody off their album FATE NUMBER FOR. The group heavily influenced the song, with lyrics written solely by three of their members, Seunghoon, Mino and Seungyoon. Mino and Seungyoon also assisted on composition, along with Uk Jin-kang.

The song is centered around the confession of a cute boyish crush on a girl. As the same suggests, there is a girl who they really really like. They shower this girl in sweet, charming compliments, wishing to pick out nicknames and telling her how lovely she is. Although they're nervous, they’re still willing to tell her how they feel and be everything she needs.

WINNER treats us to their smooth voices and choreography in a black and white music video. As the video starts, the boys radiate confidence and emotion in their suits. Though the scenery and style changes along the way, the charm and sincerity remains, creating the feeling that they’re singing to you specifically.

FATE NUMBER FOR marks the first album release without ex-member Taehyun. Be sure to check out their future releases for more of their suave voices that will tug at your heart.

Watch WINNER - REALLY REALLY - Dance Practice
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