• Title: Habitual Love (慣性取暖)
  • Artist: Xiao Yu
  • Runtime: 4:26   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: May 13, 2017

No one is perfect as everyone might have a little greedy buried in oneself. People all tend to look for warmth and comfort for themselves, like a stoned person looking for their enlightens. Though not very lovely, it is very addicting.

Xiao Yu's (小宇) Habitual Love (慣性取暖) described this hidden human nature. Composed by Xiao Yu and written by Eve Ai (艾怡良), Habitual Love is included in Xiao Yu's newest album "With You" (同在).

The lyrics explicitly described people's greed and desire in a relationship, in which they didn't want themselves to be trapped by love, but desired more from their lovers. With this mindset, they just wanted to enjoy the benefits and convenience of being in a relationship, and tended to ignore the problems and unfaithfulness.

Although Xiao Yu did not agree with this sentiment view of love at the beginning, he was convinced it was the reality, and carried his understanding to act in the music video. In the MV, it vividly used the spider, snake, and alligator to symbolize the darkness and coldness in every relationship, and demonstrated the decadent and absurd people expect unconsciously. The theme was depressing, yet it was a true reflection of human nature.

Will Habitual Love ring a bell in your mind? You may not realize, but it is a habit for most people to lose themselves in the habitual comfort. Maybe it is time to stop what you always do, and rethink what you should do.

Xiao Yu is holding his concert in Taipei's Clapper Studio on May 26th. Don't forget this opportunity to enjoy his song in live.

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